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Stakeholder Insights, L.L.C. is more than a marketing research firm. We work with a range of organizations to uncover data, draw conclusions and help our clients take action with comprehensive recommendations.

Benefits of Research

Validate or Challenge Assumptions

Make Data-Backed Decisions

Differentiate Your Brand

Strengthen Key Relationships

Our Services

Our extensive research services give you a greater understanding of your organization’s opportunities and risks. As research consultants, we identify strategies that provide actionable insights, so you can tell your story in relevant ways.

Brand Assessment

As markets and stakeholders change, your brand needs to adapt. A brand assessment by Stakeholder Insights reveals how your brand resonates with stakeholders and provides next steps to strengthen the relationship with your audiences.

  • The name of your company or product and the associations made with it
  • Brand promise, brand positioning and key brand messages
  • Logo, tagline and other visual identity elements
  • A brand positioning map of how your brand is perceived against your competitors’, including areas of opportunity and risk
  • Research recommendations that allow you to make data-backed decisions on refreshing the brand, developing a new identity or messaging strategies

Competitive Intelligence

The Stakeholder Insights team researches your competitors to expose major risks and reveal opportunities in your market.

  • Anticipate and plan how to respond to potential threats to your market share
  • Identify productive or underserved customer segments
  • Identify how competitors solve problems similar to your own
  • Positioning maps, message grids and mystery shopping experience stories that bring competitive analysis to life
  • Best practices in direct-to-customer communications
  • Competitive intelligence which allows us to quickly compare and contrast key brand messages, value propositions and brand look-and-feel

Message Testing

Message testing is a fundamental task of a communications audit that helps you connect with internal and external stakeholders. It is particularly important before a rebranding launch, the introduction of new products or services, or managing a company merger or acquisition.


Insights regarding key messages about your company, service or product which are:

  • Easy for your stakeholders (particularly customers) to understand
  • Relevant to something that is important to them and differentiated from the competition
  • Compelling and motivate them to take action: research, try, buy and buy again
  • A communications audit grading the use of those key messages in all your marketing and communications materials. The audit will also compare those messages against your competitors and measure if you are using the most effective channels.
  • A diagnostic map of the clarity, relevance, persuasiveness and differentiation of your key messages and their distribution to key stakeholders.

Public Opinion

Public opinion has become more evident, vocal and volatile with the advent of digital communications especially social media. It has never been more important to understand popular sentiment of your brand and build a strategy to preserve your brand’s health. We encourage you to use the opinion research results as a benchmark data point to track future change in perceptions.


Stakeholder perception measurement helps you:

  • Take appropriate actions and determine the level of resources required to respond
  • Determine actions considered appropriate by stakeholders
  • Decide the best tone and context of a response
  • A report of total responses to each question and, if relevant, differences between respondent subgroups
  • An initial 2–3-page executive summary and a 1–2-page statement of action implications or recommendations based on the findings

Our Methods

Stakeholder Insights delivers a full spectrum of research capabilities, and we partner with clients to find the right fit for their needs.


Surveys quantify awareness levels, opinions, and preferences, and segment your customer base for effective sales and marketing. Stakeholder Insights conducts a variety of surveys including:

  • Online
  • Telephone
  • Intercept
  • In-Person
  • Customer Data Base Analysis


These conversations uncover sentiment surrounding a company and offer a comprehensive perspective outside of numerical data.

  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
    • One-On-One Business Interviews
    • Consumer Audience Interviews
    • Shop-Alongs
    • Customer Experience Mapping
    • Web Usability

Our Process

Our three-step process is designed to engage our clients throughout — establishing trust and ensuring usable outcomes that address specific needs.

Step 1

We start with an in-person meeting to confirm what decisions you wish to make from research data. This involves confirming who should be interviewed, whether they will be motivated to respond and what type of incentive (cash, tangible item or entry into a drawing) will secure their response.

Step 2

The second step in our process is to draft research questions to address to those audiences. We work with you to review the questions and ensure they will yield decision-making information.

Step 3

After the research results are in, the data tallied, analyzed, and reported, we meet with you and your team to confirm what we learned, that it answers your questions and provides concrete information and insights you can use.

About Us

Stakeholder Insights is led by senior consultants with professional and academic backgrounds that combine marketing research, communications and organizational development.

Lisa Richter

Lisa Richter founded Stakeholder Insights in 2006. Lisa has a proven record of delivering research insights and translating them into practical recommendations for clients and agency partners. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as mid-sized and start-up organizations, government agencies, educational institutions and other nonprofits. She has served as Senior VP for Brand Management and Marketing at the United Way of Greater St. Louis and led the marketing research function at FleishmanHillard for 19 years.

Our Five Point Pledge
  1. Involvement
  2. Clarity
  3. Anticipation
  4. New Directions
  5. Follow-Through

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