Our Process

Stakeholder Insights is easy to work with, and our three-step process is designed to engage our clients throughout, ensuring usable outcomes to address your business needs.


Step 1

Our first step is to facilitate a two-hour in-person kick-off meeting to confirm what decisions you wish to make from the research data. This helps ensure that your research data helps move your organization forward in new directions, providing usable outcomes. We work with you to ensure that you will receive a return on your research investment that is a significant multiple of your research budget.

In the initial meeting, we confirm that you don’t currently have the answers to your decision-making questions in existing information or that you can’t get it more cost-effectively from your sales force or industry association.

Research data that achieves usable outcomes measures the perceptions and behaviors of the most appropriate audiences. Our initial meeting also confirms who should be interviewed, whether or not they will be motivated to respond and what type of incentive (cash or tangible item or entry into a drawing) will secure their response.


Step 2

The second step in our easy to work with process is to draft research questions to address to those audiences and work with you to review them to ensure that they will yield decision making information–usable research data for usable outcomes.


Step 3

After the research results are in, the data tallied, analyzed and reported, we facilitate a final meeting with you and your team to confirm what we learned, that it answers your questions and provides usable outcomes. Our specific and concrete recommendations based on the data are proposed action steps written in a clear, concise language. That final discussion with you is the final step in our easy-to-work-with process. It confirms that the recommendations equal usable outcomes that will move your organization forward.