Employee Engagement

Stakeholder Insights measures employee engagement, providing actionable insights that improve employee retention and productivity.

We help you identify metrics that measure employee understanding and alignment with your mission, vision, business strategy and culture.

Our employee engagement case profiles include BioSTL, Goddard School, Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and Washington University Brown School of Social Work.

Employee engagement research outcomes

  • Understand what management actions will improve retention of your top performers and develop your next generation of leaders.
  • Guide improvement of employee communications and enhancement of your company’s reputation as a great place to work.

Employee engagement research deliverables

  • Analysis of your existing annual employee survey data, by division, geography, work group or level of responsibility to set priorities for further in-depth, qualitative focus group or one-on-one interviews with managers.
  • Trend data¬†tracked over time and amplified by anonymous verbatim quotes or attributed video testimonials regarding best practice or most improved workplace management practices and outcomes.

Employee engagement measurement process

  • You share with us your existing employee engagement metrics and explain how they tie or link to your company’s strategic objectives.
  • Employee focus groups and in-depth one-on-one interviews with leadership will indicate how aligned your employees are with your strategy and how effectively it is expressed in your employer branding. Social media analysis is another tool to get non-scientific but informative cues about employee words on the street.
  • Employee engagement metrics include periodic surveys and focus groups to monitor engagement over time.