Competitive Intelligence

The Stakeholder Insights team researches your competitors to expose major risks and clarify major opportunities in your markets.

Our competitive intelligence case profiles include Goddard School Franchise and Health Literacy Missouri.

Competitive intelligence outcomes

  • Anticipate and plan how to respond to potential threats to your market share
  • Identify potentially productive or underserved customer segments
  • Identify how competitors solve problems similar to your own


Competitive intelligence deliverables

  • Positioning maps, message grids and mystery shopping experience stories to bring competitive analysis to life
  • “Best practices” in direct-to-customer communications as technology continues to evolve
  • Competitive intelligence is a central part of brand assessments and typically includes an assembly and posting of brand identity materials on a brand collage wall to quickly compare and contrast key brand messages, value propositions and brand design look and feel.


Competitive intelligence process

  • We begin with a conversation with you to learn about issues and market advances you have noticed.
  • We scan websites, learn about your industry and identify key questions a competitive intelligence audit should track.
  • Stakeholder Insights can research competitors by attending trade shows with your internal team, lead real time intelligence gathering, then facilitate a discussion of discoveries and insights for product development, marketing, public relations, and employee development and training.
  • We also conduct mystery shopping–role playing a customer inquiring about a product or service from all competitors, trying that offering out, recording experience information and comparing offerings across competitors to yours, looking for best practices and new brand differentiation opportunities.