Change Management Research

Too often, change initiatives fail to deliver expected benefits.

You can improve your success rate by conducting change management research to understand how change is perceived in your organization, and identify obstacles blocking acceptance of new technology, new structures and new ideas.

By learning how employees feel about their role in the new organization, you can adjust your change management plans and communications to ensure your goals are achieved more easily.

Our change management case profiles include St. Louis College of Pharmacy, TriZetto, and United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Change management research outcomes

  • Employees will support change rather than resist it IF they understand reasons for change and how it affects their future. Learn how far along in awareness and acceptance they are, and which employees most need to hear (and discuss) why it’s important.
  • Identify perceptions of a merger or a newly installed enterprise system.
  • Identify customer perceptions after a new product introduction or upgrade, or new ways to contact customer service.


Change management research deliverables

  • Summary conclusions and graphics showing what percentage of your employee and customer base understand and embrace changes you have introduced.
  • Verbatim quotes of current employee and customer reaction to key change management issues.
  • Trend data describing on-going progress on targeted measures.


Change management research process

  • You brief us in an initial discovery session on planned changes and what success (awareness and acceptance levels) you’d like to see.
  • We determine which type of change measure is most appropriate: culture audits, leadership interviews and employee focus groups or informal conversations in small work groups initiated by first line supervisors.
  • Re-measure attitudes periodically to determine progress and modify strategy.