Our Agency Partners

Our business is built on effective partnerships with our clients and subcontractor vendors.

Half of our work is typically commissioned by other marketing services firms for their clients: communications consulting firms, public relations, reputation management and internal and change communications consultants, advertising agencies and branding and design firms. Web design and other digital communications businesses also hire us to help them plan and pretest the effectiveness of communications programs and channels they create for their clients.

We develop effective partnerships with those organizations by learning how what we do affects their final deliverables. Our understanding of their clients’ target audiences and what will motivate them helps to determine the marketing messages and channels they select.

We also include and develop effective partnerships with other research firms and researchers to supplement our telephone and online interviewing capabilities, rent focus group facilities across the country, enable remote viewing of focus groups and conduct online research. Respondent panels are one source of research respondents when our client does not have a specific customer or prospective customer list. We hire recruiters to prescreen potential participants based on demographic and psychographic criteria. We purchase database lists as well when necessary.

Finally, we partner with other researchers who have additional or complementary skills to ours if the assignment requires them. Interviewers from various ethnic backgrounds, academic researchers familiar with ethnographic techniques or conducting qualitative research with young children help round out our team to bring the best talent to the assignment.