On June 3, 2015

Stephanie Whitfield

Stephanie Whitfield assists Stakeholder Insights in designing and delivering advanced statistical analysis of quantitative data for our clients.

Stefanie Whitfield contributes expertise in quantitative research methods and multivariate statistics. She uncovers meaningful customer segments and brings clarity to customer satisfaction survey results through advanced statistical analysis: cluster and discriminate analysis, regression analysis, factor analysis, and q sort. Stephanie has also developed methodologies and simulations to help clients with pricing decisions and new product strategies.

Stefanie Whitfield conducts studies for both B2C (consumer) and B2B (business) in international as well as U.S. markets. As a principal at Strategic Marketing Research & Planning (SMR&P), a full service custom market research firm, she has designed and completed market studies in Western Europe (Benelux, UK, France, Germany, Republic of Ireland), Canada (mostly eastern and central provinces), Mexico, Australia, China, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Stefanie Whitfield is published in The European Sociological Review. She holds a B.S. in Sociology and Political Science and a M.A. in Sociology from Iowa State University. Her academic degree work has focused on statistics and quantitative research methods.

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