One-On-One Interviews

Qualitative research often includes in-depth one-on-one stakeholder interviews. One-on-one interviews encourage candor more than group or focus group interviews.

Our one-on-one interview case profiles include Bellefontaine Cemetery, BioSTL, Chaumette Winery, Development Strategies, Gateway EDI, Healthy Literacy Missouri, Healthy Youth Partnership, Opera Theater of Saint Louis, Parents as Teachers, Nordic PCL Construction, Scholarship Foundation St. Louis, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Tarlton, TriZetto, United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Customer interview outcomes

  • You learn what customers value that you offer, how they have developed those perceptions and what you can do to be more valuable to them.
  • One-on-one interviews identify unmet needs, including how to use your products and services more easily
  • They help you understand how to communicate more clearly how to use your products and services.
  • Customer interviews also reveal challenges customers are facing that your company might address.


One-on-one interview deliverables

  • You receive a 2-3 page written executive summary and recommendations based on the customer interviews.
  • Anonymous verbatim quotes, delivered via audio or videotape, drive home customer interview perspectives gathered in 20-45 minute in-depth in-person or telephone structured conversations.


Stakeholder Interview Process 

  • We meet with you to discuss what decisions you will make based on survey results in order to determine all relevant questions to be included.
  • We ask you to provide background and contact information on the potential survey respondents. Typically we draft an email for you to send to respondents in advance of the survey that explains the objectives and asks for their cooperation.
  • You receive a draft questionnaire from us to review and suggest changes and the revised version is pretested with 2-3 respondents to verify clarity and length.
  • We conduct the survey via telephone, WebEx (if exhibits are used) or in person.
  • Responses are tabulated and a written summary with recommendations is prepared and sent to you for review and discussion with us.
  • The final (optional) step is a personal presentation and facilitated discussion with your stakeholders to digest the results and explore their action implications for your organization.