Mystery Shopping

Stakeholder Insights walks in the shoes of your customers or competitors to gain a first-hand feel for how services are provided.

Our mystery shopping case profiles include Chaumette Winery and the Goddard School.

Customer service research outcomes

Have you ever searched for information to purchase a product or service that took too long, involved customer service people who didn’t help you much and instructions that were difficult to understand?

  • We review your company’s typical research, purchase and usage process based on firsthand experiences as a customer. We shop your competition also and compare the ease, pricing, customer service, help desk, digital presence and bricks and mortar experience if relevant.
  • We learn how well your employees are delivering on your brand promise to feed this information back to them in customer service training sessions.


Customer service research deliverables

  • Experiences quantified, noted and photographed.
  • A map of the mystery shopping customer service results including a visual grid of where your company ranks on key purchase criteria dimensions.
  • We suggest 5-10 recommendations of steps you can take from the research findings to turn your customers into raving fans.


Customer service research process

  • We meet with you to learn what business situation or trends may be addressed by mystery shopping, agree on research objectives, questions and experiences to be covered, areas of evaluation, number of shopping sites, interviews, schedule and budget. The study typically requires 8-10 weeks from start to finish.