How Research Adds Value


Renews your understanding of the market.


Challenges “old truths.”


Strengthens your relationships with key customers and stakeholders.


Tells your story in relevant and persuasive ways.


Validates your hunches and reinforces your plans, so that all your stakeholders are with you and behind you.


Gets you outside the box of your own perspective.

What Our Clients Tell Us About the Value of Research

“Listening to our fans to learn how we can most reward their presence and support has helped sell tickets and build a stronger Rams brand.”

— Lisa Boaz

Marketing Manager, St. Louis Rams

“You raised my consciousness about what “customer experience” is and how that must define and feed the delivery of the brand.”

— Hank Johnson

Proprietor, Chaumette Winery and Vineyards

“Mercy is a listening, learning and changing organization. We believe no one knows how to design health care better than those who experience it.”

— Judy Akins

Senior Vice President, Mercy Marketing & Communications