Experience Mapping

Experience mapping from Stakeholder Insights provides you with a visual representation of how customers interact with your company and insights on how to strengthen those relationships.

Our experience mapping case profiles include Chaumette Winery, Mercy, Residences at the Hotel Palomar and Schlafly Beer.

Experience mapping outcomes

  • Customer journey mapping pinpoints what draws customers to your services or products.
  • Customer journey mapping demonstrates how your experiences surpass or lag your competitors’.
  • It uncovers new opportunities to give customers what they really want from your company.


Customer experience mapping deliverables

Stakeholder Insights gives you two customer journey mapping summary pictures:

  • A current state customer experience map that shows how customers learn about you, first encounter your products and services and use them. Their likelihood to recommend you to others and why is also included.
  • A recommended customer experience map that illustrates proposed changes to your product and service user experience.


Experience mapping process

  • You brief us on what you believe it is now, sharing technical details, product demonstrations, customer satisfaction data, marketing communications materials (digital and non-digital).
  • We observe and interview 10-25 of your customers during or after an experience with your products. Customers can create diaries describing their product usage, or document their experience with a disposable camera or iPhone to capture highlights of a visit.
  • We present you with suggested customer journey mapping changes in your product or service offering for your approval to test in a second series of interviews with 10-25 current and prospective customers.
  • We create the “recommended experience mapping sequence” (customer experience design) based on the second set of interviews for discussion with you and your team.