Research Services

Stakeholder Insights provides a wide range of research services that give you greater understanding of your organization’s opportunities and risks.

As research consultants, we work with you to identify the right research strategies to provide actionable insights that will help improve and grow your business. Our research tools and services include:

Focus Groups

This research service lets you see and hear how stakeholders talk about what you offer them in their own words.

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Surveys quantify awareness levels, opinions and preferences, and segment your customer base for more effective sales and marketing.

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Experience Mapping and Ethnography

This research strategy involves observation of customer behavior related to a product or service to understand preferences, needs and reasons for choices. Mapping helps you walk in your stakeholders’ shoes to see how what you offer fits into their lives.

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One-on-One Interviews

This research strategy uses extended in-depth conversations to probe an individual’s personal perspective on an organization, issue or product.

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Mystery Shopping

This research service involves a researcher posing as an ordinary shopper to learn about and purchase your products or services and/or competitors’ products or services.

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Social Media Measurement

This research creates a real time snapshot of your company’s image on social media.

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