Teach for America


How can a dynamic school organization increase its impact on children and the community?


  • Inventory the kinds of educational leadership experience St. Louis TFA alumni have had, or aspire to
  • Identify perceived barriers to assuming educational leadership positions in St. Louis by TFA alumni
  • Determine what steps TFA St. Louis might take to increase the number of school system leadership positions assumed by alumni in the St. Louis region


A clear majority of alumni sought, and felt qualified to step into, higher levels of school leadership. Many respondents desired a clearer pathway to attaining these positions in St. Louis. Multiple factors enter into alumni decision making about where to continue their careers in education if not in St. Louis. Where their prospective partners, spouse or family members live often draws them to other cities.


TFA St. Louis is focusing its attention on supporting alumni to find and secure desirable school leadership positions in the city and elsewhere in the area, developing alumni to achieve strong results in leadership roles. TFA St. Louis will also focus on recruiting TFA candidates who already know and appreciate the St. Louis region.


We conducted in-person focus groups with both TFA teachers and TFA administrators working in the St. Louis region, and a telephone focus group with St. Louis TFA alumni who hold educational leadership positions outside the region to learn why they opted to leave to continue their careers. Finally, we conducted an online survey of TFA alumni, actively engaged in education in St. Louis or elsewhere.

“Stakeholder Insights was very helpful in conducting the equivalent of an extensive ‘exit interview’ of our alumni who completed the program over the past decade. The survey results helped us get clearer about past and present barriers to TFA alumni attaining local school leadership roles, and allowed us to start building pathways to encourage our alumni to remain in St. Louis both as strong advocates for students and leaders in our community.”

Brittany Packnett
Executive Director, Teach for America St. Louis