Research Impact: 5 Steps to Better Business Outcomes for Marketers

On July 5, 2017

Research Impact: 5 Steps to Better Business Outcomes for Marketers

Stakeholder insights are woven throughout a June 22, 2017 American Marketing Association St. Louis Chapter presentation by Jim Ruszala and Justin Gioia of Scottrade, Inc. Ruszala and Gioia shared an organizational process they developed with colleagues across the organization to ensure that Scottrade’s marketing strategies and tactics lead to meaningful, measurable business outcomes. They ask …Read More…
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On May 20, 2017

Experiential employee marketing based on employee engagement metrics

Gallup research shows that fewer than half of employees are truly engaged at work. Millennials, a fast-growing portion of the workforce, often report they don’t feel connected to their company’s mission. Lisa Richter, Stakeholder Insights, and Fred Bendaña of partner agency CPG  shared examples of how experiential marketing drives employee engagement on May 18 at …Read More…
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On March 4, 2017

Improve Your Marketing Messages with Focus Group Insights

Blog post co-authored with our marketing communications partner, Standing Partnership   Are you struggling to figure out what your audiences think? Use focus groups to learn how your stakeholders talk about what you offer (or could offer) in relevant and compelling terms that will help you achieve both your communication objectives and business objectives. “A focus group is …Read More…
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On January 10, 2017

Research Results: St. Louis America’s Center Visitor Intercept Survey

What makes St. Louis an attractive place to visit?  For meeting attendees at three major conferences held at the America’s Center Convention Complex in 2016, the most common response volunteered was the friendliness of St. Louisans.  Research results about Midwestern friendliness might be taken for granted by most of us who live and work here, …Read More…
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On July 14, 2016


What makes college students choose to stay in – or leave – St. Louis after they graduate from one of the colleges in our region? It’s a question that’s top-of-mind for the St. Louis Regional Chamber as it works to position St. Louis as an attractive place to attract, engage, and retain talented college graduates. …Read More…
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On April 27, 2016

Making It Real

Virtual reality (VR) has been with us as a technology for decades now. And it’s gotten better and better at simulating aspects of the real world. A recent story in the WSJ (“Where Virtual Reality is Heading,” 2/10/2016) takes a look at some possibilities for VR in future – especially its ability to provoke (and …Read More…
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On April 26, 2016

How to Create a Fail-safe Start-up Business

CET@Cortex Innovation Community hosted Lisa Richter from Stakeholder Insights, and St. Louis County Library reference team members Michelle Sawicki and Paul Steensland on April 20 to hear about data gathering and analysis critical to planning new business success. St. Louis entrepreneurs in attendance learned about affordable research strategies that will conservatively estimate customer likelihood to …Read More…
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On August 20, 2015

Putting Yourself in Another’s Shoes — and Finding They Don’t Fit

How well do we really know our customers?  In a recent Op Ed piece in the New York Times titled “Imagining the Lives of Others” (6/7/15), psychologist Paul Bloom cautions us not to rely too heavily on our ability to sense how other people think.  Bloom argues, in fact, that “People are often highly confident …Read More…
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On June 17, 2015

A Transparent Workplace; the Right Balance

We appreciate Ethan Bernstein’s report in the Wall Street Journal, 2/23/15, regarding unintended consequences of too much workplace transparency in open offices, monitored with sensing technology and tracked through digital activity. The goal behind this current way of working is to increase accountability, collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. But Bernstein says leaders need to adopt …Read More…
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Measuring engagement and engaging consumers are two sides of the same coin.

– David Penn
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