Website Usability Testing

Stakeholder Insights performs website usability testing to understand how customers use your digital assets and how you can make their experience better.

Our website usability case profiles include TriZetto.

Website usability testing outcomes

Our user experience evaluation  is an in-person study of how your target audiences perceive your website before, during and after experiencing it. We help you answer these questions:

  • Does your website contain information and functions that stakeholders are looking for when they visit?
  • Can visitors find and use the functions they are looking for?
  • What impact—positive, negative or neutral—does the website have on stakeholders’ perception of your organization’s brand; can visitors see themselves using it?
  • Is the website considered to be visually attractive
  • Does the website provide stimulating or a wow experience?

UX evaluation deliverables

Stakeholder Insights works with UX evaluation lab partners across the U.S. to offer options for testing website and other digital experiences, for example:

  • Digital viewing via dual-screen capture of both the participant and the media, allowing observers to clearly follow emotional and physical reactions to the stimuli
  • Streamed via closed circuit video with side-by-side viewing of content and respondent.

We can test all types of digital stimuli on any digital device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet).

Website usability testing process

We discuss with you what your goals are for the UX evaluation and ask what data like Google Analytics you may already have about user experiences on your existing website. We define with you:

  • Target audiences for the website usability testing
  • Behavioral objectives: what you want visitors to do on the website or other digital or non-digital communication
  • Competitor websites or experiences offered to understand brand differentiation

We then submit to you a proposal describing objectives, design (number of audiences and types of data gathering), cost and schedule.