Customer Experience Mapping

Most buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are being treated.

Research from Stakeholder Insights helps you develop a customer experience strategy that delivers what customers really want from your organization.

Stakeholder Insights develops customer experience metrics your organization can use to shape your plans to improve satisfaction and profitability.

Our customer experience case profiles include Chaumette Winery, Gateway EDI, Healthy Youth Partnership, Mardi Gras, Inc., Mercy, Nordic PCL Construction, St. Louis Rams, Teach for America St. Louis, and Washington University Brown School of Social Work.

Customer experience strategy outcomes

  • Determining what actions and marketing communications channels (digital, word-of-mouth, print, events, seminars, field trips, etc.) will create buzz and spread interest in your products or services.
  • Identifying keys to willingness to recommend (Net Promoter Score).

Customer experience mapping deliverables

  • Customer experience mapping reports organize and display answers, include photography to illustrate key points and also create a summary video that can be shown to your employees who deliver the shopping experience.
  • Customer experience metrics including customer satisfaction surveys, real-time interviews during or after an event.

Customer experience process

  • Shop-alongs are one way to map customer experience: an interviewer accompanies a shopper during her/his shopping experience– whether for fresh produce, motor oil or a daycare provider. A question script captures information that you consider critical to the evaluation of the customer experience.
  • Customer experience metrics can be developed from a post-analysis of critical moments in the purchase decision: how interested are customers in buying at this point, why/why not, what other information provided to potential buyers—or specific behaviors by a sales representative—would persuade them to make a trial purchase?