Brand Assessment

As markets and stakeholders change, your brand needs to change with them. A brand assessment by Stakeholder Insights reveals how your brand resonates with stakeholders and provides actionable next steps to strengthen that relationship with your audiences.

Brand positioning research helps you understand how customers view your brand relative to your competitors’, and what else you might say and do to convince customers to choose yours over theirs.

Brand assessment outcomes

You’ll gain greater clarity on how well your brand identity resonates with stakeholders, with a focus on:

  • The name of your company or product and the associations they make with it
  • Brand promise (or what you pledge to deliver to customers)
  • Brand positioning against your competitors’ positioning (their perceived value through the eyes of customers)
  • Key brand messages (how you introduce yourself to and connect with stakeholders)
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Other visual and graphic identity

Your internal and external design, marketing or public relations teams can apply the research findings to optimize your brand positioning in the marketplace.


Brand assessment triggers

Brand positioning research is most effective before or during major organizational changes and technology shifts when the competitive landscape changes.


Brand assessment deliverables

  • A brand positioning map of how your brand is perceived against your competitors’, including what your best areas of opportunity and highest potential risk may be. 
  • Research recommendations will inform your decisions about how to refresh your current brand, develop a new brand and how to communicate that brand.


Brand assessment process

  • You brief us on your organizational objectives and what decisions you will make based on what you learn. These determine questions to ask your stakeholders.
  • You help us determine which audiences we should talk with, how many of each and the best way to engage them (online survey, in-depth telephone interview, PDA diary app, etc.).