About Us

Stakeholder Insights is a marketing research firm that helps organizations conduct stakeholder research to uncover new insights about risks and opportunities to their business, customers, communities or employees.

Our leadership team delivers more than a data dump. Instead, we work as your market research partner, ensuring our work is directly applicable to your initiatives.

We typically answer questions relating to eight areas of focus:

Brand Assessment

What brand messages most effectively convey the highest value you provide to your customers and partners? How well are you delivering on your brand promise?

Change Management Research:

How well do your people understand planned change? What do your employees and customers think will come from change so they can adjust to and support it?

Competitive Intelligence:

How are you judged against your competitors? What do they offer that’s different?

Customer Experience Mapping:

How do customers feel about the total experience in dealing with you and your products and services? What might be improved?

Employee Engagement:

How connected to your mission and objectives do your people feel? How ready are they to make good things happen?

Message Testing:

Which messages about your business are clear, relevant, compelling and differentiating to customers? Which ones could be improved?

Public Opinion:

Do you have a reputation management issue to address? What percentage of the public is aware and concerned?

Website Usability Testing:

Can your visitors find your website? Find everything they want to know about you? Buy products easily on it?