On October 3, 2018

Customer journey mapping: United Way of Greater St. Louis

Stakeholder Insights has been fortunate to support the United Way of Greater St. Louis annual fundraising pledge campaign since 2004. We have led, documented, participated in and benefited from the United Way customer journey in the following ways:

As United Way leadership givers, helping one or more of the following persons through a $1,000 annual pledge donation:

• A blind adult who wants independence
• A young man who wants to lead a productive life after an accident has left him with learning disabilities
• An inner-city neighborhood that wants to start a Girl Scout troop
• A woman and her children in need of shelter to escape being beaten and verbally abused
• Teenagers who need a safe and constructive place to go after school
• A recovered substance abuser who needs a job
• A family of four who lost everything in a fire last night
• A two-year-old child with disabilities
• A child who needs help dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse
• A homeless man who hasn’t eaten for two days
• A single mother who desperately wants off welfare to provide a better life for her children
• A woman who has just been diagnosed with cancer

As United Way services recipients through agencies like the Red Cross, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri, the American Cancer Society, the Epilepsy Foundation, Webster Child Care Center at Laclede Groves and MERS/Missouri Goodwill Industries.

As United Way agency marketing research and consulting partners for agencies including: American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America Greater St. Louis Area Council and Great Circle.
Look at this list of the 160 agencies our United Way of Greater St. Louis funds: https://helpingpeople.org/agencies-we-fund/ to understand what Jeff Fox, co-chair of this year’s campaign and CEO of Harbour Group, and co-chair Mark Wrighton, Washington University Chancellor, mean when they say:

The vital work and vast reach of United Way throughout the entire St. Louis region is critical to creating robust and safe communities for everyone.

Consider joining the 100,000 metro area residents and 2,000 companies who donated to last year’s campaign and are renewing their support of your United Way now. It’s a customer journey we can all take to help our communities, our families and ourselves.

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