On September 5, 2018


Join us at the September 20 St. Louis Chapter American Marketing Association luncheon where Russ Klein, national AMA CEO, will explain why and how Experience Design (XD) is important to your future professional success as a marketer.

DEFINITION: Experience Design (XD) is the practice of designing products, services, events, omnichannel journeys and environments that enhance the quality of the user experience and deliver culturally relevant solutions, particularly important in our increasingly diverse customer marketplace.

Customer Experience (CX) is evolving according to the latest issue of the American Marketing Association’s September issue of Marketing News.

Competitors who use more technology and speed will force other companies in their category to evolve or be left behind as customers have higher expectations.

New Customer Experience examples highlighted in Marketing News include:

Health and Beauty: Augmented Reality (AR) is used by Sephora to allow customers to “try on” makeup through the company’s smartphone app

Health Care: A California-based doctor house call app, Circle Medical, allows users to scan their insurance card, arrange a visit and receive updates about appointments

Mobile Banking: Nearly two-thirds of smartphone users have at least one financial app on their device according to Bankrate

Education: online learning can help teachers modernize the classroom. Teachers can supplement course work with online courses and videos that align with learning objectives. By assigning video tutorials and training as homework, they can reserve class time for concept mastery.

Do you know what experiences your customers expect? In what ways might your company be falling short? Stakeholder Insights provides B2B and B2C customer journey mapping, Net Promoter Score assessment, competitive intelligence, usability testing and generation of new product and service areas for your business or non-profit organization.

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