On July 7, 2018

2018 Diversity and Inclusion Regional Culture Audit

Stakeholder Insights is honored to be working with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce to conduct the KC Chamber’s second annual Regional Diversity and Inclusion Survey. Our St. Louis-based national marketing research firm will help the 2,200 Kansas City Chamber member organizations assess to what extent they are collectively and individually focused on improving employee recruitment and employee retention through strong diversity and inclusion business practices.

Kansas City employers—like those in other cities—need to strengthen Diversity and Inclusion practices to compete effectively for employee talent with other regional and national metro areas. In a time of low unemployment, an increasing percentage of people of color (non-Caucasians) in the workforce and demonstrated higher productivity from more diverse work teams, strengthening diversity and inclusion practices needs to be an organizational management priority.

This change management marketing research study has two objectives:

  1. To measure awareness of, participation in and celebration of diversity and inclusion practice by KC Chamber employer representatives who participate in the survey in representing their organizations


  1. To compare 2018 results to 2017 Regional Diversity and Inclusion Survey results to measure and track KC metro area progress in achieving its diversity and inclusion goals.

This online quantitative research will launch in late July, extend through September and conclude by reporting out results to KC Chamber members in November. Members will then determine the research impact: what they will do with the results with the KC Chamber’s assistance and coordination of professional development activities.

Survey questions measure policies and behaviors in some of the following areas:

  • Existence of a Diversity and Inclusion policy, strategic plan or mission statement beyond standard Equal Employment Opportunity/Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and if so, reasons why
  • Frequency of evaluation of workplace accommodations for employees with disabilities to facilitate their performance
  • CEO/senior management team actions in the past year to support the organization’s mission or commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
  • Importance of Diversity and Inclusion efforts in recruitment practices, hiring, professional development practices, promotion of employees, retention strategies and annual workplace celebrations
  • Forms of support (funds, in-kind and employee volunteer participation) for groups that support and engage people of different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, age, gender and sexual orientation, disability, religion, veteran status, income and parenting or family needs
  • Public awareness building, communication and advocacy efforts to support Diversity and Inclusion work in the community

We think it’s appropriate that our WBENC-certified marketing research firm is conducting the study, reflecting the KC Chamber’s support of diversity and inclusion in its supplier selection practices.

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