On May 17, 2018

Corporate Culture and Talent Recruitment to St. Louis – American Marketing Association St. Louis Chapter Executive Circle event 5/16/18

How can Marketing organizational leadership partner with Human Resources to recruit and retain the best talent to and in our community—St. Louis? That was the brand positioning research question for St. Louis Marketing and HR panelists from:

  • Express Scripts (Brian Henry, VP of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs),
  • Centene Corporation (Ray Kleeman, RVP HR Business Partners)
  • Enterprise Bank & Trust (Karen Loiterstein, SVP, Marketing)
  • FleishmanHillard (Patrick Garrett, formerly SVP & Partner, Global Digital, now Owner, Distilled Media Group)

A company’s employer brand assessment must be honest according to Ray Kleeman. “We address head-on what we know prospective employees have likely heard about St. Louis by acknowledging our community challenges and telling them what our company, Centene Corporation, is doing to address them. We share that within several days of the Michael Brown events in Ferguson, we established a Centene call center in Ferguson to help employ community members. It has become our most productive call center nationally.”

“All of us have a job to do to sell people and ourselves about the promise of our region. We stand up for what’s right about it,” said Brian Henry of Express Scripts. “So much of what we do is marketing—ourselves, our company, our work. And organizations need to look at why people come to work in the first place—not just to make money but because they want to be valued. It’s about how you’re compensated emotionally: working together with others, achieving goals, etc.”

“You have to deliver the right message to the right audience to get their attention, just like in any marketing program,” according to Patrick Garrett formerly of FleishmanHillard and WPP. “Then develop a relationship with them. Young families want information on raising families here in St. Louis. Young Millennials want information on various cities’ experiences and culture as well as growth opportunities within an organization. Content marketing is a key part of the recruitment process.”

Improving employee retention once recruitment has occurred is part of the employee lifecycle. “We work together to ensure the brand message is consistent through that employee’s experience of our corporate culture,” shared Karen Loiterstein of Enterprise Bank & Trust. “All of our HR materials are co-created with marketing including videos, training and corporate communications. We also work together on awards communications and surveys. We are partners on making this experience and culture alive and relevant.”

Contact Lisa Richter at Stakeholder Insights lisa@stakeholderinsights.com for a transcript of this thoughtful, interactive and solution-specific one-hour panel discussion.

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