On November 7, 2017

Reality research: meeting consumers in their real shopping world

We are looking for a marketing problem in need of a virtual reality insights-gathering solution. Our prospective research partner—videochatnetwork.net (VCN)—has created applications for a wide range of virtual tools to gather insights to develop your strategy and your brand based on the right side (emotional, visceral, intuitive) as well as the left side (rational) of your customer’s brain.

Real time consumer and B2B decisionmakers’ insights are captured via mobile diaries, spur-of-the-moment mobile app chat interactions, moderated group video chats on computers and/or through mobile devices triggered by GPS geo-fence technology.

VCN Mobile Epiphany allows you to engage in natural/spontaneous and interactive video chat research with your consumer as they enter, are in or leaving an establishment. It is based on a technology called geo-fence that creates a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of GPS or RFID technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.

Consumers who have downloaded the VCN app are contacted for a live chat when they enter an area within the geo-fence that contains a store or stores with a client’s products and/or product category. These virtual pre-recruited research respondents are asked for permission to be interviewed to talk about their pre-store, in-store and post-store experiences. The researcher and client can observe and ask questions of the consumer in the act of shopping rather than wait until later when the emotional, tactile and immediate experience of observing and choosing one product over another has passed.


Mobile market research is not only fast and efficient; it also delivers a different kind of insight.

VCN conducted a groundbreaking study showing that real time response when consumers are shopping for or using your product, captures mobile insights that are more visceral, intuitive and emotional than those obtained after the fact.

These mobile insights, which are the true drivers of purchase decisions, emerge from the right side of the brain.

Deliverables (“the research report”) are visual (photos), text headlines with brief supporting copy and video excerpts of key findings and brand insights. Email or call us for more information.

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